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Cheap True Religion Jeans of an economic storm

The high cost of low fashion Certainly, designer christophe decarnin creates meticulous jackets and luxury dresses that cost a fortune.But his current influence also permits him to charge over-The-Top prices for such staples as t-Shirts and jeans. The trend to exorbitantly priced"Basics"Has been building for years.Studded christian louboutin high-Tops(Complete with trademark red sole)Come in at $995.A dsquared2 denim jacket retails for $950 and sunglasses for $2, 000-All shocking check balance online to consumers of average means. Decarnin, perhaps, is the most bold.His arrogance flies in the face of prevailing logic-That retailers such as old navy and gap can produce and sell t-Shirts and denim products for next to nothing. On may 11, hudson jeans will launch a new, couture collection in toronto.While the company already produces premium jeans in the $250 range, it decided to take things up a notch by doubling the price of their already premium product.Hudson's high-Fashion jeans will be available this fall at select holt renfrew stores.Don't be surprised by the $500 price tag. (And while they won't be available in canada, some of hudson's jeans hand-Crafted from recycled denim will cost a hefty $995. ) That's just the beginning:Consider the $995 tom ford jeans for men at harry rosen, with 18-Karat gold-Plated buttons and rivets or the $1, 800 dolce gabbana women's jeans atw holt renfrew.Cue the guy with the defibrillator. Insiders call the trend"Inconspicuous consumption" -Not to be confused wIth other anti-Fashion trends like homeless chic or geek chic in which the consumer intentionally tries to look eIther desperately poor or helplessly nerdy.Rather this trend is about looking unremarkable, unnoticeable.Only you and high-Fashion know-It-Alls appreciate the cost of dressing to un-Impress. Fashion is not alone.The culinary world tickles us when they transform the mundane into haute cuisine-The caviar hamburger, for example, the truffle taco or the indulgent $1, 000 chocolate sundae at serendipity in new york.At cinq 01 on college st.In toronto, owner toufik sarwa shocks and awes fashionable diners with his $22 foie gras hot dog and the $17 truffle mac and cheese side dish. "It's a conversation piece.It's campy,"Says sarwa, who suggests hip-Hop culture may have a lot to do with the mixing of uptown and downtown cultures-Bring luxury to the street and vice versa. "There is no segregation.Everyone relates on the same level.It's foie gras as street meat. " In the realm of fashion, the trend allows consumers to indulge their designer impulses without drawing attention to themselves.This is how the rich and famous do luxury.The clothes are expensive;They just don't look that way.It is not a trend embraced by recessionistas or frugalistas. Carly stojsic, a toronto trend forecaster, says it has a lot to do with appearing humble, much like the tendency for high-Fashion shoppers to carry their luxury merchandise in plain paper bags. "In the wake Cheap True Religion Jeans of an economic storm, people don't want to seem ostentatious,"Says stojsic. "We are entering an age and an aesthetic of humility. " The creators of these clothes may extol the unique virtues of an $1, 800 pair of jeans;The workmanship, complicated treatments, fabric and brand's exclusivity don't come cheap.But, as sarwa believes,"Sometimes it's just the kitsch factor. "The prospect of wearing a pair of blinged-Out louboutin high tops is a novelty.Likewise the tom ford jeans with gold hardware. On his website word spy, paul mcfedries draws a simple distinction between conspicuous and inconspicuous consumption. While the former category dresses to impress, the later wants to conceal their status and wealth.They'll wear the $1, 625 balmain t-Shirt because it feeds their desire to wear high fashion, without appearing to flaunt their good fortune. In the"Premium"Denim market, any designer with access to silver thread and precious jewels can embellish a pair of jeans and claim the title of world's most expensive jeans.Over the past few years, labels from roberto cavalli to escada have laid claim to the title and have charged tens of thousands of dollars for entry into this exclusive club.