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The shopping bag I have already learnt two lessons.One-Old houses always need somethIng repaired or fixed and two-Never go shoppIng with my father-In-Law-His trueoutletjeans blog middle name should be 'lowes'.I let hubby and my father-In-Lawout of my sight for 10 mInutes and a trip to buyOneplumbIng fixture turned Into a $500 tab at the check out! Glancing through the receipt a day or two later i noticed that we had paid for two garden hoses(At $34 each, i might add).After checking that we didn't have two, hubby decided to head back to the store to see about a refund.We were unsure it would be possible, because it had been a week between visits and also, how do you prove that you don't have two hoses sitting at home? There are tons of ways to look like a bad parent and a badly sunburnt child is one of them.To make things a little easier you huggies little swimmers have developed sun sensors.Basically they're stickers that start out yellow and turn deep orange when it's time to get out of the sun, apply more sunscreen or put on a t-Shirt. The stickers come in packs of 24 and are in the shape of stars and fish so the kids will want to put them on.Priced at about $6.95 for 24.It's good until 28th may. Belk is holding an earlybird red dot sale on monday between 9am and 1pm to get you out of bed early.Take an extra 50% off all red-Line merchandise. So my luxurious resort style pool bears more than a passing resemblance to a kiddy blow up pool.But, i can still be interested in all of the cool accessories can't i? Target had me fantasizing True Religion Jeans Canada about mixing up giant pitchers of lemonade and having friends over for impromptu bbqs.They've got gorgeous colored enamelware-Oversized mugs, beverage dispensers and tubs.How cute is this beverage dispenser for $39.99 or even the glass one for $14.99.And this upcoming memorial day weekend is the perfect excuse to stock up on these design classics. I'll admit i don't need an excuse to buy a new bag, i love totes, purses, whatever and swap them around regularly.But i was really envious when my pal jae started toting around her earth fare reusable bag.It took me a few weeks to make up an excuse to grocery shop there, but last saturday i picked up one of their cute little numbers for $2.99.It's almost too nice to put groceries in.I'll probably end up using mine for the park and other outings.Take a peak at one of the color-Ways you can get it in.The other style they sell is a blue and brown combo. Adirondack chairs are a sturdy design classic, and they often cost upwards of $100.But lately i've spotted some absolute bargains around town.Ac moore has them for just $29.99 unpainted.Which means you can paint them in a vibrant or muted hue to compliment your front porch or garden.Throw on some printed cushions in a hardy outdoor fabric and you've got the perfect place to enjoy a gorgeous spring evening. Oh, and big lots have the cedar"Beach style"Adirondack rockers in white or natural for $50 each. With a clever eye you can often spot bargains at big lots that look as if you shelled out more from than what you actually paid for them.However, you do need to cherry pick.But, the other day i thought i'd walked into a homewares store rather than a discount retailer.There were stylish throw pillows and other decorative pieces such as vases and wall decor, not to mention some great furniture.Then i saw the sign, big lots have purchased pier 1 stock and are selling it for at least 30% off the regular retail price.Great if you want revamp your sunroom or living room and save a little money at the same time. On may 12th, between 10am and 5pm, 18 area merchants have gotten together to host yet another glam event in the bearden district.Gather a bunch of pals together and hop on and off a guided trolley that stops at each of the participating businesses.Make the most of in-Store specials at places like bella sera, nouveau classics, obligato, a beautiful room, kristi, southern market and gift + gourmet and interiors.A perfect way to celebrate mother's day perhaps? Oh, and don't forget to spot the hidden champagne bottle at each location for a chance to win $3600 in prizes including the grand prize-An $1800 shopping spree. For more info call 865 588 3088, 865 588 True Religion Straight Leg 2260 or 865 584 1816. Pop into turtleheads tea coffee company anytime between now and may 12th to create a custom gift for mom this year.The turtleheads mother-Daughter team will lend their expertise to help you create something that is so unique and thoughtful you'll knock her socks off. Choose up to four different teas(Total of 4 oz)For $19.99 and they will custom blend them for you in their signature black tea tin.Create a name for it yourself and they'll apply the label.The customized label becomes a part of the gift. On may 13th the head turtleheads will make up a batch of each of the teas created for this special event, the"Taste test"Winner will become one of their stock tea blends-And they will keep your special name. Check out their website to see all of the other gorgeous gift ideas and i've heard a rumor that they sell other high-Tea staples such as clotted cream and lemon curd.